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PHP Auto Dealer Trial Version 2.8.1
30 day trial version of PHP Auto Dealer 2.8.1
Filesize: 3.36 MB

Ioncube Loaders
If Ioncube is not already installed on your server, please download the loaders and upload them in BINARY mode to a folder named ioncube in your hosting account. You only need to upload the required files for your OS. There is a wizard included to help you determine which loaders you need.
Filesize: 6.92 MB

IE8 Details thumbs fix
Thumbs not showing in table view Update fix for phpauto version 2.8.1
Filesize: 487 B

Functions update for php5.5+
Login Required
If you are receiving "Fatal error: The file /includes/functions/image_functions.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 4 and cannot run under PHP 5.5 or PHP 5.6. " , download and install this file. Upload new files in ASCII. Rename orig functions file BEFORE uploading new files to prevent overwriting orig files just in case something goes wrong.
Filesize: 87.7 kB FTP Fix
Login Required
This update corrects ftp automatic upload to send files to proper directory. Simply replace your current includes/functions/cars-com_functions.php file with the new one. Upload the new file in ASCII format. (See Instructions.txt contained in zip file).
Filesize: 3.56 kB


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